• my kitty is adorable and provides endless hours of entertainment. Here she is trying to attack the Wii pointer on the TV.

  • Finally signed up for HBO since True Blood starts on Sunday and there’s no way I could spend the summer without some Alex Skarsgard nudity in my life.

    (Side Note: This season of Mad Men was amazing and I’m glad they started it when they did but it’s been 2 years now without Summer Sunday Mad Men/True Blood awesomeness which makes me a little bummed. They’ll overlap just one week and I’m going to enjoy the shit out of it like in was the summer of 2010).

    But this show “Girls” - seriously, is this show for real? Now don’t get me wrong, I sat my ass on the couch and watched 8 episodes in a row, but by the time I got to the crack episode I was just hate-watching. Like I’ve said before, I do like shows that let me yell “ARE YOU SERIOUS” at the tv while I watch, and Girls certainly left me rolling my eyes and talking to the tv quite a bit.

    I realize I am an old lady being in my 30s now and that I was delusional in my early 20s too, but if my memory serves me correctly I would have never acted like these crazy bitches. None of them are relatable in the slightest.

    Important questions: Are they suppose to care about each other? How do you leave your friend with a stranger after you find out she accidentally smoked crack? How do you accidentally smoke crack? Has any show ever featured 4 more self-absorbed characters?(OK I guess Always Sunny does. But that show is actually funny.)

    A bit of advice: when someone texts you a dick-pic then says “sorry that wasn’t for you” you don’t send back a naked picture of yourself and you certainly DON’T have your face in the shot. Do you have any self-respect? How about just plain common sense? That shit will come back to haunt you Hannah since your boyfriend is a sociopath.

    :::rant over:::  (for now)

    Will I keep watching this season? Probably. Summer TV is terrible and I’m sure as hell not watching Love in the Wild.

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