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my kitty is adorable and provides endless hours of entertainment. Here she is trying to attack the Wii pointer on the TV.

Finally signed up for HBO since True Blood starts on Sunday and there’s no way I could spend the summer without some Alex Skarsgard nudity in my life.

(Side Note: This season of Mad Men was amazing and I’m glad they started it when they did but it’s been 2 years now without Summer Sunday Mad Men/True Blood awesomeness which makes me a little bummed. They’ll overlap just one week and I’m going to enjoy the shit out of it like in was the summer of 2010).

But this show “Girls” - seriously, is this show for real? Now don’t get me wrong, I sat my ass on the couch and watched 8 episodes in a row, but by the time I got to the crack episode I was just hate-watching. Like I’ve said before, I do like shows that let me yell “ARE YOU SERIOUS” at the tv while I watch, and Girls certainly left me rolling my eyes and talking to the tv quite a bit.

I realize I am an old lady being in my 30s now and that I was delusional in my early 20s too, but if my memory serves me correctly I would have never acted like these crazy bitches. None of them are relatable in the slightest.

Important questions: Are they suppose to care about each other? How do you leave your friend with a stranger after you find out she accidentally smoked crack? How do you accidentally smoke crack? Has any show ever featured 4 more self-absorbed characters?(OK I guess Always Sunny does. But that show is actually funny.)

A bit of advice: when someone texts you a dick-pic then says “sorry that wasn’t for you” you don’t send back a naked picture of yourself and you certainly DON’T have your face in the shot. Do you have any self-respect? How about just plain common sense? That shit will come back to haunt you Hannah since your boyfriend is a sociopath.

:::rant over:::  (for now)

Will I keep watching this season? Probably. Summer TV is terrible and I’m sure as hell not watching Love in the Wild.